You don’t need coalition, I do: Israeli PM jokes with Modi over telephone

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led BJP assured its return to power at the centre even as counting of votes for the Lok Sabha elections is still underway, his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu congratulated him for the thumping majority.

Narendra my friend, congratulation, what an enormous victory, I hope, Narendra, that we can see each other soon, as soon as you form a government and as soon as we form a government, Netanyahu told PM Modi over the phone. Netanyahu also joked about PM Modi looking to get a comfortable majority, whereas he himself still needs coalition to run the government as the recent national elections in the Middle-eastern country gave a fractured mandate.

Well thank you for your congratulations on my victory, but there’s one difference, you don’t need a coalition, I do and there’s a big difference, the Israeli PM jokingly said.