Yokohama city organises Pikachu event in collaboration with Pokemon

The Yokohama city comes alive by organizing ‘Pikachu event’, the most popular and beloved character among children. On the city’s art museum wall, “Pikachu” was decorated with LED lights with 3D mapping technology.

The unique and cute dancing in the latest production technology show received great praise. The event called “Pikachu outbreak” is held every year and was organised in collaboration with the company that produced ‘Pokemon‘ and Yokohama City.

During the event, visitor watched “Pikachu” in the Yokohama Bay Area. More than 2000’Pikachu’ appeared at various places in the town. Children on summer vacations and foreign tourists met their beloved character. Pikachu’s painting on manhole covers was the first set up at the event, and visitors lined up to take pictures of it. The cover is designed with a view of Yokohama Port Town and “Pikachu“. ‘Red Brick Warehouse’, a century-old warehouse which has been converted into a shopping mall is an attraction among tourists. At night, Yokohama City becomes a beautiful night view. At “Pikachu Grand Prix’ visitors enjoyed watching cute marching figures and comical dance of “Pikachu” illuminated with LED lights. The collaboration between “Pikachu” and Yokohama City has entertained many foreign tourists as a feature of summer in Japan.