Yamaha exhibits electric and three-wheeled bikes

Yamaha motor, a pioneer in motorsports, announced a new product at the Tokyo Motor Show 2019.

The booth, which features the theme of “Technology for Yamaha Motor’s Realization in the next 10 years,” exhibit a variety of products related to mobility and robotics. At a press conference, the president of Yamaha, Yoshihiro Hidaka appeared on stage with a new vehicle and explained the future vision and new products.

In future vision, there are three focus areas. Advancing Robotics, Rethinking Solutions and Transforming Mobility. Yamaha will use robotics to address societal issue in uniquely Yamaha ways and transform mobility to expand the scope of human possibility and make society and people’s life better.

Yamaha is conducting mobility R&D for user safety and peace of mind from a variety of angles. This machine is ‘MW vision’. This next-generation personal mobility concept model proposes a new relationship between user and vehicle. It is equipped with altitude control and reverse drive, and the cocoon-like vehicle body is easy to handle.

Yamaha’s proposed Mobility Society in 2030 is an outcome of Yamaha’s sense of responsibility. The manufacturing company is a pioneer in the Mobility world, giving people lifestyle improvement and dream. (ANI)