Watch: Prez halts ministers in a hurry during an oath

Two ministers of state were in a hurry while taking an oath of office of secrecy at the swearing-in of the Modi government and President Ram Nath Kovind had to halt them in their tracks and correct them.

The ministers were Mansukh L Mandaviya and Faggan Singh Kulaste who did not repeat “I” before starting the text of the oath. They straight away started with their names and the President interrupted on both the occasions and insisted on their sying “I” before proceeding with the rest of their oath.

Similarly, in the case of G Krishan Reddy, a first-time member from Secunderabad, made a mistake in reading the Hindi text of the oath. Kovind asked him to repeat the part of the oath that said, “Vidhi ke anusaar, nyay krunga” (Will do justice in accordance with the law). Reddy also completed his oath with “Bharat Mata Ki Jai”.