Various colors of Japanese culture is providing an enriching experience to tourists

“Green Tea”, Anime and “Shushi” are the most popular things about Japan among foreigners. Tourists from across the globe can experience these things in Shizuoka Prefecture.

MCOT TV, Thailand program title “Japan Discovery 2Gens’Venture in Japan” is focused on this. Shizuoka has a variety of attractions, including nature and traditional culture. This museum exhibits the most popular anime character “Maruko”. The scenery of TV animation is reproduced here.

“Maruko” author is from Shizuoka. Many kinds of animation and “manga” comics have been translated into the local language in many countries. This is “Sushi stand vender” an old-style place which enhances the scenery of “EDO” era, “Sushi” culture, history, in Shimizu city with various kinds of fishes and old fishing method, etc.

Shizuoka Prefecture is one of the most famous green tea producing areas in Japan, and tourists witness the famous tea culture of Japan. TV reporters wear old style clothes for picking leaves of green tea by hand. By visiting green tea production plant, reporters learn the difference in tea taste depending on the process of roasting. Japanese tourism is not only famous for its tourist spots, but also its culture and lifestyle and the tourists learn and absorb more about the Japanese way of life by experiencing it.