Sneak Peak of NRG stadium where 50,000 people to attend ‘Howdy Modi’ event

Howdy Modi‘ is going to be houseful as over 50,000 people have already registered for the event which will be hosted by the Texas India Forum in United States.

For the first time, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump would share the stage to address more than 50,000 Indian-Americans during the September 22 ‘Howdy, Modi!’ event during the session “Shared Dreams, Bright Future” that would focus on the success of Indian-Americans as well as the strength of the India-US relationship.

The ‘Howdy, Modi!’ event will happen on Sunday, September 22, and will be 3 hours long – from 8:30 pm IST (India time) to 11:30 pm IST. It will be held at NRG Stadium in Houston. It will be the largest gathering for an invited foreign leader (PM Narendra Modi) visiting the US other than the Pope.(ANI)