Rugby World Cup triggers local economy in Japan

This long line of people is heading to the rugby stadium. Japan is hosting Rugby World Cup for the first time.

Games are held in various stadiums from the northern to southern areas of Japan. At the station and town close to the stadium, volunteer staff supports visitors to take commemorative photos and guide them to stadium.

‘Higashiosaka City’ is known as a rugby town, it has a mascot character called “Try-kun.” On this day, there is an interesting rugby game, Georgia vs Fiji. ‘Hanazono’ rugby stadium is known as the Rugby Holy Land in Japan because high school rugby tournament which has long history is held here in every year.

Despite of a weekday, but that place is crowded with many visitors from Japan and abroad. It’s not a Japanese team game, but there are a lot of Japanese supporters. One of the features of Rugby World Cup is the purpose of revitalizing hosting venues and using as many as possible various locations in Japan.

Pre-game training site is offered to each team using the stadium in a city. This is a Fiji bar restaurant in Osaka, where after the game many spectators gather here. Both Japanese and foreign visitors talk about rugby to deepen their exchange. Rugby World Cup is held before Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, and many Japanese people are excited to enjoy games and the opportunity to have international exchange with foreign tourists. (ANI)