‘PM Narendra Modi’ biopic opens to mixed responses

The biopic on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which hit theatres on Friday after much controversy opened to mixed reviews. The film ‘PM Narendra Modi’ was among the most anticipated movies after Modi achieved a victory in the Lok Sabha elections.

The biopic depicted Modi’s journey from humble beginnings to his tenure as chief minister of Gujarat and finally as Prime Minister of the country. The film garnered a mix reaction from the audience.

Speaking to ANI, one of the viewers from Vadodara, Gujarat said, The movie is amazing. It is all about PM Modi’s life. Another viewer from Mumbai said, The movie is really great, it is very inspirational. Every person be it from India or abroad should go and watch the movie. It is a superb movie

The movie also received mixed reactions on social media as well. While many felt the storyline is inspiring, few others believed the biopic is an exaggerated love letter. Just watched ‘PM Narendra Modi’, it’s more of an oleaginous love letter than a biopic!” a Twitter user, Ashish Srivastava wrote.