‘Judgementall Hai Kya’ couldn’t manage to entertain audience

The movie ‘Judgementall Hai Kya‘ hit the theatres on Friday.

This movie featured Rajkummar Rao and Kangana Ranaut in the lead roles. This movie gained controversy for its previous title ‘Mental Hai Kya’ and then Kangana’s brawl with a journalist kept the film in headlines. While speaking to media, one of the moviegoer said, ‘There was no chemistry in the movie and everything was happening abruptly in the storyline.’ Another moviegoer added, ‘There was no story angle in the movie and controversies donít help in getting the movies hit.’ ‘Judgementall Hai Kya’ was produced by Ekta Kapoor. Overall, the movie doesnít manage to entertain and thrill the audience.