Japan gears up for New Year celebrations

Senso-ji, an ancient temple located in Asakusa area of Tokyo is very popular among tourists.

At the end of year, Hagoita-Ichi Festival is held to sell hagoita, good luck charms, which is ornamental bat based on those used in a traditional New Year‘s game of hanetsuki. The motif of ‘hagoita’ is an actor in Japanese entertainment traditional show ‘Kabuki’.

Decoration is made by skill of traditional craft art. These ‘hagoita’ are unique. The motifs represent rugby World Cup held in Japan, Tokyo2020 Olympic and movie characters. This action is “Tejime”. Its meaning is ‘wishing a good time next year’. Asakusa tourism area in Tokyo is filled with traditional lucky decorations until the beginning of the New Year. Foreign tourist can spend valuable and happy time here. (ANI)


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