Gucci app now allows people to ‘try on’ its shoes

Going out to malls or markets to shop for shoes will soon be passe! Various startups have been, for some time now, using the technology of Augmented Reality (AR) to enable people to virtually try on stuff like clothes, spectacles, make-up and hair before actually making a purchase.

Recently, Italian luxury brand Gucci teamed up with technology partner Waanaby to launch the ‘Try On’, a groundbreaking AR function that allows people to ‘try-on’ one of its Ace sneakers at any time and from anywhere with a simple push of a button, reported

So to buy a shoe, a person using the refreshed iOS Gucci app can pick the Ace sneakers of their choice and point their phone’s camera at their feet, after which they’re prompted to try the shoes on virtually. What’s more? A built-in photo feature lets people capture themselves ‘wearing’ the models that speak to them and share their snaps via text, email or social media.

While it is Gucci today, very soon other brands too could follow suit. The app uses real-time machine learning algorithms that take into consideration color, texture, and lighting variations, plus a fully equipped printing studio that Wannaby uses to create 3D sneaker models.