For a change, Thor picks up a guitar instead of his signature hammer

Chris Hemsworth, popularly known by his character Thor, replaced his hammer for a guitar. The superhero recently posted a video of him singing, on his social media account.

Chris had a funny take on his video as is implied by his caption- “Not sure why everyone’s so worried about Thor, he’s fine guys”.

In the video we can see him playing an acoustic version of the Johnny Cash’s song ‘Hurt’.

In last edition of Avengers, Hemsworth’s superhero character is featured as a person who is depressed by the loss of his friends and family.

Being into depression, he drinks heavily and gains considerable amount of weight. In the video Chris is seen singing with tears trickling down his face.

Explaining the song, Chris stated that he was playing the song to get into Thor’s character and as per him “It’s the saddest song in the world”. The actor also mentioned himself as a terrible singer and guitarist. The actor recently featured in a talk show to promote his latest film ‘Men in Black 3’.