Difficult if father is born after child: Tharoor on Trump calling PM Modi’s father of nation

Congress leader Shashi Tharoor responded to US President Donald Trumps remark that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the father of the nation.

He said, Maybe Mr Trump doesn’t know that independent India was born in 1947 and Modi ji’s birth date is either 1949 or ’50. It’ll be difficult if the father is born after the child. Speaking on the President Trumps mediation remark over Kashmir issue,

Tharoor said, We don’t need a mediator. We’ve no trouble in talking to Pakistan. But we can’t talk to them if they’ve guns in one hand and bombs in the other. They should put those down and lock up terrorists. He further added, Congress and BJP’s stand is the same – we can’t negotiate with a gun pointed to our heads. It’s the position of India. There’s no need of a third party. We’re not talking to them (Pakistan) right now because they’re using terrorists and we can never accept that. (ANI)