Meet Sheldon And Amy’s Daughter: She Is A Copy Of Missy Cooper

Sheldon and Amy have a daughter and no, she is not Sheldon 2.0. Sheldon and Amy’s daughter resembles Missy Cooper more than you’d think.

Big Bang Theory Spin-Off: Young Sheldon Is Good, But Young Howard Will Be Better

CBS and the creators of The Big Bang Theory are planning a Young Howard spin-off show after Young Sheldon. CBS Young Sheldon Howard.

Penny To Play A Major Role In Young Sheldon Season 4

Kaley Cuoco is set to appear in ‘Young Sheldon’ Season 4. So, how much of her real ranch life will we see on the show? Fans loved ‘The Big Bang Theory‘ and were sad to bid it farewell after its…

The Big Bang Theory Spin-Off: Kaley Cuoco Doing Her Own Experiments With Young Penny

Get over ‘Young Sheldon’; it’s time for “Young Penny”! ‘The Big Bang Theory’ star, Kaley Cuoco might be up for a Penny spin-off. Seems like ‘The Big Bang Theory’ creators are not yet done with playing spin-off. After ‘Young Sheldon’,…

Glaring Plot-holes In Young Sheldon That Prove The Big Bang Theory Wrong

CBS created Young Sheldon inspired by the fandom of Sheldon Cooper, the star of The Big Bang Theory. The blind love for both the shows, however, did not fool the fans as they noticed the plot-holes that cause problems in…

Truth or Myth: Has Young Sheldon Been Cancelled By CBS?

The finale of ‘Young Sheldon’ Season 3 was cancelled due to the COVID-19 lockdown. This step has prompted fans to wonder what CBS might have in mind for the show.

Young Penny To Give Sheldon A Tough Time In Season 4 Of Young Sheldon

Is CBS all geared up to introduce young Penny in the upcoming season of ‘Young Sheldon’? After the tremendous success of ‘The Big Bang Theory’, CBS developed its prequel/spin-off, the widely popular, ‘Young Sheldon’. Highlights ‘Young Sheldon’: The bazinga boy!…

Young Sheldon Fans Are Angry Over Some Silly Mistakes In The Show

Fans have recently spotted huge blunder in CBS’ Young Sheldon. There are several continuity errors in CBS’ The Big Bang Theory Spin-off Young Sheldon. Young Sheldon, just like The Big Bang Theory, became the fan-favorite sit-com from the day one.…

Young Sheldon Vs Penny’s Mini-Sheldon On The Big Bang Theory Season 13

Is CBS reviving the show for a season 13 to showcase Penny’s genius baby? Will the next season focus on Penny having a genius child, giving

Yes! Young Sheldon Will Finally Be Graduating In Young Sheldon Season 4

Fans of The Big Bang Theory knew about it all the way. Now we all know that Iain Armitage’s Young Sheldon will finally be graduating in Season 4 of the show. CBS showed no patience in renewing Young Sheldon for…