China’s Economic Bounce Back Irks The World

Amidst global ‘second wave’ fears of the Coronavirus pandemic, China is showing signs of economic recovery, causing new international worries about dragon ascendancy.

The China Question: Why It Matters More Than ‘Trump vs Biden’

An acrimonious Presidential campaign in the US is entering its last leg. But irrespective of whether President Donald Trump of former Vice President Joe Biden wins the election, the question of what to do with China will entail making difficult choices.

Caught Between US And China, India Stands To Lose A 70-Year-Old Friendship With Iran

While President Trump-led US has been sticky about India winding down economic ties with Iran, it has exempted the Chabahar Project from sanctions, citing its strategic relevance.

As Trump’s Immunity Fights Back Against The “China” Virus, Xi Braces For Vengeance

Becoming a pandemic victim would surely toughen Trump’s resolve to hold China accountable. For Xi, its time to brace for impact.

Inside Trump’s Four-Pronged Strategy To End Chinese Hegemony In The Mekong River

The world is witnessing China’s consistent grind of expansion that doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon. But the Trump administration always finds their way to bring Jinping one step down. Mekong cooperation sounds like another Trump card.

Chinese Pandemic PR Maneuver Puts Xi Jinping’s Propaganda Heroes In Harm’s Way

Facing severe global criticism over the outbreak and subsequent handling of the coronavirus pandemic, Beijing’s attempt to steer the narrative with a propagandist, pandemic-themed TV drama seems to have misfired.

Will American Voters Buy Into Biden’s China Policy Amidst Pandemic Backlash?

US President Donald Trump has been on the attack against his rival former Vice President Joe Biden for quite some time. The newest in his line of attacks is the claim that Biden, if elected, would turn out to be compliant to China. Trump simplified the message for his followers, saying that Americans will end up speaking Chinese if Biden wins in November. He also went on to imply that China will own America if Biden is elected President. But campaign jibes apart, what might actually change for the US-China relations if Biden lands up in the White House?

As Western Leaders Threaten An Economic Exodus From Hong Kong, Xi Makes Exit Impossible

Not just the UK, but the US, Australia, New Zealand and Canada have reacted strongly, and taken some strong measures against the Chinese decision to impose the new National Security Law in Hong Kong.

Will Australia’s $270 Billion US-Backed Military Modernization Deter China?

Historically, Australia has remained largely aloof from growing regional tensions, choosing to engage Beijing through trade and diplomatic interaction. However, China’s expansionism in the Indo-Pacific has precipitated a defensive posture within Australia’s Liberal government.

India’s Ban Of Chinese Apps Is Only A Small Step In Asserting Its Cyber Sovereignty

India’s ban of 56 Chinese apps heralds a new normal in Sino-Indian relations, one that will no longer be decoupling trade and politics. However, much needs to be done before the country can adequately firewall itself from the prying eyes of the Dragon in the fraught realm of cyberspace.