Meet The X-Men Set For Early Entry To The Avengers Team

With the X-Men under MCU’s banner, the possibilities are endless… meet all the X Men mutants who are all set to join the Avengers on screen

Marvel Plans A Family Guy Makeover For Ryan Reynolds To Make Deadpool MCU-Eligible

After having been taken under Disney, will Ryan Reynolds’ highest-grossing R-rated movie still be the same?  Deadpool 3 is in the making and fans are worried if it will be rated R. After Disney bought the right to Fox’s Marvel…

Dakota Fanning To Leave Brie Larson Powerless In Captain Marvel 2

With so many rumours about the much-anticipated villain in Captain Marvel 2 arising, who will end up battling with the strongest? The OG Rogue Anna Paquin? Or a new one in Dakota Fanning? It is no secret that Captain Marvel…

Disney’s X-Men: The New Mutants To Test Waters For A Standalone Ka-Zar Movie

Disney will replace the old guard with The New Mutants and simultaneously test waters for a standalone future film around comic book stalwart Ka-Zar.

DC beats Marvel in its own Game of Comicbook Warfare

It’s no longer possible to imagine cinema without superheroes, and it’s all to more than half a century old rivalry between

Female Wolverine: Hugh Jackman’s adopted daughter to take on the Hulk

Attention Marvel Fans: X-23; the female Wolverine is coming to MCU. According to reports, she will be the leading protagonist in Marvel’s X-Men. Female Wolverine; X-23 was Wolverine’s clone and adopted daughter in the movie ‘Logan‘. Logan movie was when…

How Marvel’s Eternals are a Universe apart from X-Men?

They are created by cosmic energy which makes them powerful and unique from the X-Men, the Inhumans, and the

Wolverine Built Hugh Jackman’s Career or Destroyed it? Have Your Take…

Before replacement, continued Wolverine role was bad education for Hugh Jackman, badly stereotyping him as X Man that no roles suit him now.