WandaVision: SWORD Is Behind The Mutants In The MCU

SHIELD’s replacement SWORD in WandaVision can be the first potential enemies of the X-Men in the MCU, according to Marvel comics.

Which Show Is Better: The Umbrella Academy Or X-Men?

Has Netflix’s ‘The Umbrella Academy’ really beaten ‘X-Men’ in the show battle or is it still trudging up to the top? The plot of both the shows ‘The Umbrella Academy’ and ‘X-Men’ might sound similar where superhuman children who have…

Marvel Set To Borrow A Leaf Out Of JK Rowling’s Harry Potter For Mutant Homecoming

The Xavier School For Gifted Individuals is a big part of both Marvel comic-verse and X-Men plotline. Introducing the older generation with the new breed and alluring the new generation simultaneously works in Marvel’s favor. A

As X-Men Enter The MCU, The Stakes Are Higher Than Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine Legacy

As soon as the New Mutants hit the theatres, the Fox X-Men franchise will technically come to an abrupt end. From there on, X-Men will belong to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And going by Disney and MCU’s history – they’ll never produce a movie as offensive as Deadpool, as stylish as First Class, as serene as Wolverine or as heart-wrenching as Logan.

Marvel Is Planning Wolverine’s Backdoor Entry Into The MCU

Marvel is working on a Weapon X Disney+ series to introduce Wolverine and the X-Men into its cinematic universe

X-Men, Avengers And Fantastic Four Will Come Together In An Ultimatum

Marvel Will Get All It’s Superheroes To Fight One Common Enemy in The Ultimatum Plotline For Phase Four. After the events that took place in Avengers: Endgame no one really knows where the Marvel Cinematic Universe is going to go…

The New Mutants Arriving On Disney+

No one is sure when will The New Mutants movie hit the theatres now, the news is rife that it might air on Disney+

Captain Marvel 2 To Cast Dakota Fanning As The Antagonist

X-Men and Marvel to Join Forces and Cast Dakota Fanning as Rogue in the upcoming Captain Marvel Movie.Will they give us the blockbuster…

Avengers And X-Men Assemble For Spider-Man’s Challenge

The ongoing pandemic has resulted in people getting creative on social media…the latest to join are the Avengers, X-Men, and Spider-Man..

Stephen King Beats The Simpsons In Their Game — Predicts A Global Pandemic Long Before Coronavirus

Stephen King’s The Stand is all set to hit the screen late in 2020. The series is being talked about a lot for literally predicting…