Vaccine Passports: Pros, Cons & How They Can Kickstart World Economy

Vaccine Passports are coming someday soon you may need to prove your Covid status to go to the pub, food-joint, travel abroad or even go to work.

How Nirmala Sitharaman’s Economic Package Might Stop You ‘Feeling Broke’

If the forecast of IMF turns out to be true, India will be the worst affected economy in the South Asia. However, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s Rs. 73,000 crore package looks bright.

World Bank President David Malpass set to visit India

World Bank President David Malpass on Thursday said that he would travel to India later this month where he will discuss the challenges in the financial sector.

Nirmala Sitharaman optimistic about a trade deal with US in near future

Trade differences between India and the United States are narrowing, Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said on Thursday, and

World Bank continues to support Andhra Pradesh with over $ 1 billion programme

The World Bank (WB) continues to support the state with over $ 1 billion programme, said the government here in a statement on Sunday.

SBI’s Anshula Kant takes over as CFO of World Bank

Indian banker Anshula Kant appointed as MD and CFO of World Bank. As CFO of the SBI, she managed USD 38 billion of revenues and total assets of USD 500 billion.

One-fourth of world’s poor live in India

And half of the world’s poor live in just 5 countries – World Bank Blogs. The world experienced the lowest extreme poverty rates in 2015. India among the top 5 countries accounting for world poverty. In year 2014, the World…

Global growth weakens as trade tensions rise: World Bank

“In particular, global trade growth in 2019 has been revised down a full percentage point, to 2.6 per cent–slightly below the pace observed during the 2015-16 trade slowdown, and the weakest since the global financial crisis.”

Housing schemes to fuel employment and economic growth

Housing schemes to fuel employment and economic growth Citing a study, National Real Estate Development Council‘s National President Dr Niranjan Hiranandani said that as per the findings of the study conducted by the National Institute of Public Finance and Policy,…

‘Make In India’ – Modi’s ‘Lion’ that refused to fly

Over four years since its grand launch, the Make in India programme has failed to live up to its grand promises. Does it need a re-think? HEADS UP: Make in India was launched as a path-breaking initiative under the Modi…