Great Resignation Or Great Revolt? The Fight For Retention Is Real

Looks like the ball is in workers’ court. For employers, it is getting difficult to keep the match running. It’s no longer the Great Resignation. The year 2021 has turned the tides for real in the labor market and any…

Gen Z Job Interviews Are Nothing Like When Millennials Joined The Workforce

Virtual Interviews are the new common and they are here to stay. Companies turn to Zoom, Skype, Hangouts interviews and Gen Z grads are making their way into the workforce.

Leadership Has 4 New Rules As The World Depends On CEOs In 2021

The old playbook doesn’t cut it anymore, ever since governments and corporations were flummoxed by the unpredictable nature of Covid-19.

The Future Belongs To Leaders Who Know How To Outshine Crises

To succeed in a future where the next crisis is always looming large, leaders must accept change as a constant.