In line with the vision of a safer Delhi, AAP Government intros ‘Free Travel Pass’ for women

Women hailed the Delhi Government’s decision to make bus rides free for them in the national capital on Tuesday.

Female bonding doesn’t age

The number of women going on holiday with their friends, rather than with their significant others, has seen remarkable

Relationship mistakes Women must avoid

Be it the New Year season or not, but the festive feeling always lurking in the air around us. And then amidst all it suddenly dawns upon you, it’s the new year.

Vice President Naidu touts reservation for Women in Parliament

Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu on Saturday proposed that women should be given seat reservation in the Parliament and after that, they should be

10 Flirting Signals Women Give That Men Don’t catch

Have you been noticing something fishy with one of the girls you know from work, lately? Is she giving some signals, but you don’t know what they mean? Is she really into you or just playing games?

Women votes will decide the next PM

Whereas elections saw average men turnout of 68.3% in first four phases, women turnout was 68%, with 203.1 million voters compared to 215 million men.

Staring at women can get you jailed in UAE

Staring at women can get you jailed and fined in the UAE. Any motion that makes a lady feel violated and awkward – from whistles to long gazes and dropping phone numbers – can get you imprisoned and fined in…

Excessive use of antibiotics can lead to cardiovascular issues in women

Prolong antibiotic consumption linked to greater risk of cardiovascular disease in women A recent study claims that women aged 60 or more, who take antibiotics for two or more months stay at higher risk of heart attack or stroke. The…

7 ways to ensure breast-cancer free life

Breast cancer – Two words are enough to jolt any woman!!! We all are a bit uncomfortable when it comes to the big C. When someone close to us got diagnosed with the disease or even when we read about…

Mother and aunt scald 5 yr old with candle

Police arrested mother, aunt for scalding naughty child with hot candle in Maharashtra. Police on Thursday arrested two women, for scalding a five-year-old girl with a candle. The women held are the mother and aunt of the victim. The duo…