7 Great Things About A Female Led Relationship

Everything has changed dramatically since the past century. All these innovations and frank talks about people’s rights and needs have paved the way for the establishment of a new society. Nowadays, if you take a closer look at it, you…

You’ve Fantasized About This — When Women Get Naughty At 40!

New Pleasure Heights — Why Women Get Naughty At 40. Sex in midlife is like wine. It only gets better with age.

Go Get Clean Because You’re About To Get Dirty — It’s Sexy For Sex!

With good sex comes good foreplay and with good foreplay comes in a lot of good prepping and rituals that make you more desirable than the goddess that you already are!

13 Men Share What Their Woman’s Vagina Tastes Like

A woman’s vagina is much like pizza can come with different toppings. Some taste salty, some tangy, some pungent, some musky and others downright sweet. Here’s, What 13 men had to share on wWhat their woman’s vagina tastes like —…

Why Women Athletes Are Paid Less? — Not Fans But Big Media To Blame

With feminism leading to the rise of opportunities for women in recent years, the discussion about women’s sports not being as popular as men’s sports is still as fresh.

How Other Woman Breaking Your Relationship Is The Biggest Mistruth

Wife, Husband and The Other Woman — What’s Going On? A pointy nose, perfect hair, daunty eyes and an unpleasant wicked grin on her face. Isn’t that the stereotype of the other woman breaking your relationship we all have in…

10 Celebrities Who Revealed Their Love For Sex Toys

These celebrities get real about their sexual desires and don’t hide the fact that they have a toy hidden in their underwear drawer just like the rest of us.

Squirting: The Real Deal Behind The Female Waterfall

You have probably already heard of squirting. Sure, it can be a little messy but did you know the feeling of extremely wet pussy is every man’s dream.

Masturbation And Exploring Genuine Pleasures — Women’s Edition

The things that you do to make yourself feel like you are on the ninth cloud will be different than what I may do. That said, there are always a few things that we all get wrong.

Why Women Click And Send Nudes? We Asked 20 Women

Nudes are not an invention of the digital era we all have seen in any art museum is proof and it has benefits and so people take them.

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