Soaked In Pleasure: Things Women Won’t Tell You About Masturbation

Men may talk about it more often, but women indulge in masturbation, too. More than half of women from the ages of 18-49 tend to masturbate at least once every 2 months, this is actually the case for both single…

7 Great Things About A Female Led Relationship

Everything has changed dramatically since the past century. All these innovations and frank talks about people’s rights and needs have paved the way for the establishment of a new society. Nowadays, if you take a closer look at it, you…

10 Myths About Vagina And Peeing After Sex

Peeing after sex is one of those myths that you must have heard to protect yourself from urinary tract infection (UTI). But is that really necessary? And, what if you don’t follow the peeing after sex rule?

Celebs Who Are Setting Free The Nipples And No Bra Trend

Stop Wearing Bras! Who Likes Them? See How Celebs are Starting a New ‘Braless’ Trend — Free The Nipples The article covers comrehensive benefits of not wearing bras and how its good for the health of women. Plus Videos carrying…

Play It Solo — Amazing Health Benefits Of Masturbation For Women

Do you like to play solo? As you already know, mastur*ation is very useful for women’s health. Nowadays, some sexologists and

Cameron Diaz On Pubic Hair And Dear Ladies Why — Don’t Go Bald Down There

A Great Personality Once Said — A Healthy Bush = A Healthy Vagina We all got them, but even thinking about them can make you cringe and gag. Yope, we are talking about PUBIC HAIR. You are not alone if…

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