Female Leadership: Why The World Needs More Women In Leadership Roles

If at all, we agree that men are messing it up? The world is witnessing major crises unfold. From COVID-19 led pandemic to the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine war, it appears that the civilisation is failing. And at the helm…

Everything That’s Wrong About Bollywood’s Woke Women-Centric Content

In another addition to Women-centric films, Netflix’s new series, Bombay Begums yet again fails to capture the essence of empowerment, ends up demeaning women.

The Sanna Marin Sexism Debate — When Women’s’ Clothes Clash With Society’s Expectations

Clothes aren’t really a mode of self-expression when it comes to women. Rather, its a yardstick to measure the depths of our patriarchal society.

Optimism And Opportunity — Quantivier Digs In For The Long Haul

Quantivier, an organization with interests in shared mobility, business consulting, lifestyle, and philanthropy has refused to be bogged down despite being severely hit by the crisis.

7 Great Things About A Female Led Relationship

Everything has changed dramatically since the past century. All these innovations and frank talks about people’s rights and needs have paved the way for the establishment of a new society. Nowadays, if you take a closer look at it, you…

Why Women Athletes Are Paid Less? — Not Fans But Big Media To Blame

With feminism leading to the rise of opportunities for women in recent years, the discussion about women’s sports not being as popular as men’s sports is still as fresh.

Jio vows to reduce gender gap in Digital India

Jio, the world’s largest mobile data network, on Monday announced that it has partnered with GSMA’s Connected Women Initiative to bridge the gender gap in digital adoption and digital literacy among women in India.

Accenture’s Julie Sweet and the rise of women in Corporate World

Julie Sweet’s appointment as CEO of Accenture adds another name to the growing list of women heads at Fortune Global 500 companies.

Not Free Rides, but Basic Freedom

Whataboutism aside, the policy to enable free and safe public transport to women speaks ounces about how radically progressive is the AAP government for Delhi.

VP Naidu advocates women empowerment, starting from Parliament

VP Naidu bats for women empowerment Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu on Wednesday called for empowering women through education and by implementing progressive measures like reservations in Parliament and State legislatures. Expressing his concern over instances of gender discrimination, Naidu…