What Is Behind Indian IT Sector’s Spiked Attrition Rate And Is It All Good?

Recruitment rate in India is on an upsurge and so is attrition rate. What does this tell us? Highlights — Leading tech giants of India record highest attrition rate since pandemic outbreak. Cognizant reports highest-ever attrition rate in Mar-June quarter.…

Azim Premji Wins ‘People Who Inspire India’ — Education Iconic Award 2021

Tech Magnate, Philanthropist Supreme – Azim Premji has had a special focus on education upliftment, one that keeps amplifying with time.

Wipro Launches NextGen Cyber Defence Centre In Melboure, Australia

It is the first local shared security operations centre for Wipro in Australia, providing customers with the ability to rapidly expand capacity and run their security operations in compliance with the local data requirements.

Wipro signs pact with Finland’s university on 5G, 6G technologies

The new research partnership between Wipro and University of Oulu regarding 5G and 6G will boost innovation and is an excellent start for the mutually beneficial cooperation between Finland and Wipro, said Minister of Employment at Finland’s Ministry of Economic…

14% rise in workplace sexual harassment cases; Wipro on top

IT major Wipro reported the highest increase in number of sexual harassment complaints in absolute numbers. ICICI Bank and Infosys showed maximum reduction in absolute numbers with the private lender reporting 40 cases lesser in FY19.

Wipro secures $300 million contract from ICICI Bank for digital services

IT consulting and business process services company Wipro has secured a strategic seven-year engagement valued at 300 million dollars (about Rs 2,165 crore) from private lender ICICI Bank to provide a comprehensive suite of services.

IT giants sweat over record denials of H-1B Visa

H-1B Visa denials at all-time high, about half of top IT companies’ work visa applications rejected in the past year by the United States.

Wipro unveils global digital product compliance lab in Hyderabad

IT major Wipro on Wednesday announced the launch of a global digital product compliance lab in Hyderabad with international standards for

How will Rishad’s leadership impact Wipro’s fortunes?

With the end of the Azim Premji era, the Indian IT giant’s torch passes on to another Premji. Aggressive teamwork and tech-driven investments will highlight Rishad’s time as Chairman of Wipro.

Azim Premji decides to call it a day

Azim Premji, the man behind IT giant Wipro to call it a day. His elder son, Rishad Premji will succeed him as executive chairman of Wipro.