Is Kamala Harris White House’s Political Disaster?

Half a year down the vice presidency, Kamala Harris is coming out nothing better than Trump. It has been 6 months since Kamala Harris wrote a new, long-pending chapter in the history of the United States. The country began with…

Russia’s Strong Retaliation To U.S. Is The Beginning Of New World Order

Kremlin is out and about- U.S. sanctions and its currency mean nothing for the nation. Highlights- Russia’s Finance Ministry to de-dollarize its Sovereign Wealth Fund The move is an economic retaliation and back up against the U.S.-imposed sanctions. Euros, Yuans,…

Is Donald Trump Doing Fine?

Not very long ago, news was filled with Trump headlines. But now the good old days of the United States president getting banned from Twitter are gone. So, what is Trump up to in his post-presidency days?

Is Trump Depressed? Psychology Says There’s More To The President’s Denial

It’s been a considerable amount of time since the declaration of the election results but Trump has not once called to congratulate Joe Biden on his victory.

What Trump’s Lawsuits Mean For Biden’s Presidency

President Donald Trump isn’t afraid of a legal battle, given that he’s been involved in 3,500 of them.

You’ll Never Forgive President Donald Trump For These 7 Things

As the countdown to 3 November begins, here are 7 things about Donald Trump you need to remember – or know if you didn’t know them.

Why Is Monica Lewinsky Still Publicly Blamed For The Scandal?

More than 20 years have passed since the Clinton–Lewinsky scandal, but why is only Monica Lewinsky still publicly blamed for the scandal? The 90’s scandalous affair involved the then-White House intern Monica Lewinsky, and her boss and former American president…

White House Down, Courtesy Coronavirus And Trump

Just six days into his coronavirus diagnosis and three days into his admission to a hospital, Trump’s return to the White House, breaking healthcare protocol, has raised eyebrows.

While President Trump Plans To Return To White House, Turmoil Persists

Doctors approve improvement in President’s health, ready to return to White House. On the other hand, White House witnesses dramatic increase in cases. President Trump plans to return from Walter Reed hospital to White House by later Monday or early…

Trump Health Update: White House Admits Lie, President On Oxygen Supply

Trump sounded fine in the video. But his physician Dean Colney has since then admitted that the President’s condition is worse than earlier conveyed.