Merkel puts her foot down: Germany won’t supply weapons to Turkey

In the wake of Turkey’s operation in northeast Syria, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said that Berlin would not deliver any arms to Ankara.

Guns and the dilemma that plagues America

After every mass shooting in America, there is outrage and mourning but nothing seems to change. Why?

Army demonstrates weapons, equipments used on LoC

Indian Army demonstrated weapons and equipments that are used on Line of Control (LoC). These devices are used by Army to monitor the activities of enemies.

6 held with illegal weapons from UP Madrasa

Six people were arrested after illegal weapons were recovered from a madrasa here in Sherkot in Uttar Pradesh’s Bijnor district on Wednesday,

Chemical scare prompts evacuation at Facebook office

A Facebook mailing facility at Menlo Park , California, reportedly received an item that initially tested positive for a fatal man-made nerve agent, Sarin.

‘Vijit’ the first Indian Coast Guard ship to visit Indonesia

‘Vijit’ becomes the first Indian Coast Guard ship to visit Sabang, Indonesia. Highlighting the close maritime proximity between India and Indonesia, Indian Coast Guard Ship ‘Vijit‘ became the first-ever Coast Guard ship to visit Sabang, Indonesia. During its maiden voyage from…