Retconning Past WB Announces Green Lantern Show For DC Multiverse Debut

DC has announced a live-action Green Lantern series for HBO Max with multiple lanterns set in different timelines and galaxies.

Storylines To Casting Decisions — Inside Kevin Feige’s Plans To Annihilate DC’s Multiverse

Hollywood is witnessing a battle of Multiverse and DC and Marvel Studios are in the eye of the storm

Robert Pattinson’s Batman Has 3 Villains And 1 Anti-Hero In Paul Dano’s Riddler

Robert Pattinson’s Smokey-eyed Bruce Wayne grabbed eyeballs in The Batman trailer but it’s Paul Dano’s Riddler who had all the ears with his political commentary. The trailer for The Batman 2021 has fans swooning. An array of fan theories have…

Warner Bros Aims To Bury Controversies Under DC FanDome Finery

Warner Bros with its scandals — from Ezra Miller, Ellen DeGeneres, Ray Fisher to WarnerMedia’s restructuring — is in the eye of a brewing storm The stars aren’t shining so bright for Warner Bros. While Robert Pattinson’s contracting COVID right…

JK Rowling Is Bringing Out A Harry Potter TV Series Soon

Are reports of JK Rowling planning a Harry Potter TV series with Warner Bros. true? What if they are? Should we already hold our breath? The Harry Potter stories of JK Rowling still weave a kind of magic that is…

Robert Pattinson’s Dress Parade To Henry Cavill’s Surprise: DC FanDome Events That Outshine The Snyder Cut

DC FanDome will see participation from 300 actors, creators, artists, crew, global hosts, presenters, and also special guests from across the DC/WB universe all coming together for the virtual event. This means that for 24 hours, fans will get exclusive glimpses into movies storylines, the upcoming TV shows, previews of games, comics, art and much more.

From Bruce To Batman: Gotham Season 6 In The Works

Ever since ‘Gotham’, the origin story of DC’s Batman saga came to an end last year, fans have been wondering about the possibility of renewal. Gotham, the series, produced by Warner Bros. Television, is a dark but gripping story that…

The Devil Is Coming Back Soon: Lucifer Season 6 To Be The Final One

Remember when Lucifer was cancelled by Fox after its third season? Well, old news. There have been so many developments since then. First thing, Lucifer is officially on board for season 6. Good news, eh?  It was back in February…

The Truth Behind Jim Parsons Leaving The Big Bang Theory In 12th Season

In this mysterious universe, other than The Big Bang Theory, one another theory of Jim Parsons’ exit from the BBT remains unsolved. What was the actual reason behind it? The Big Bang Theory met a bitter-sweet ending on 16 May…

Harry Potter And The Cursed Child To Come As A Boon For Potterheads

A new Harry Potter movie might be a possibility. Here’s all we know about ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’.