The Falcon And The Winter Soldier To Restart Halted Production in Prague

And WandaVision is already in post-production The Czech Republic Government has greenlit TV and Film productions ⁠— Marvel, Disney, Netflix, Amazon series can resume filming anytime Film and TV productions halted by the Coronavirus pandemic sees a new ray of…

Ultron Will Return To MCU In Marvel Phase 5

MCU is expanding and bringing back its long lost heroes and villains. Ultron is coming back to MCU with Marvel phase 4 or 5… Here’s how

Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Vision, All Part Of MCU’s Multiverse Future, Kevin Feige Reveals

At the CCXP19, Kevin Feige revealed Marvel’s hidden gem: the Multiverse. Here is a list of all the characters who will come back to MCU

14,000,603 THANOS vs Doctor Strange: Multiverse Madness

Thanos is inevitable. Doctor Strange in a Multiverse with 14 Mil. Thanos is a very possible thing. What does it mean for the next time we see our own Doctor Strange? Doctor Strange Multiverse Thanos- The title is clearly suggestive…