Monica Rambeau To Replace Brie Larson After Captain Marvel 2

Monica Rambeau to replace Brie Larson aka Carol Danvers after ‘Captain Marvel 2’ – to become the one true Captain Marvel of MCU. When ‘Captain Marvel 2’ announced, fans assumed that Marvel and Disney ignored the demands and protests of…

Charlie Cox Will Play Daredevil Again But Not In Daredevil

Will Charlie Cox be back as the Daredevil on the small screen or would fans of the superhero say goodbye forever?

To Avenge A Force, Brie Larson Assembles An All-Woman Squad For Captain Marvel 2

‘Captain Marvel 2’’s women squad is Brie Larson’s answer to the Marvel’s all-women dream project “A Force”! It is now believed by fans that Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel stands replaced as the leader of all female Avengers in MCU’s “A…

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier To Restart Halted Production in Prague

And WandaVision is already in post-production The Czech Republic Government has greenlit TV and Film productions ⁠— Marvel, Disney, Netflix, Amazon series can resume filming anytime Film and TV productions halted by the Coronavirus pandemic sees a new ray of…

Ultron Will Return To MCU In Marvel Phase 5

MCU is expanding and bringing back its long lost heroes and villains. Ultron is coming back to MCU with Marvel phase 4 or 5… Here’s how

Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Vision, All Part Of MCU’s Multiverse Future, Kevin Feige Reveals

At the CCXP19, Kevin Feige revealed Marvel’s hidden gem: the Multiverse. Here is a list of all the characters who will come back to MCU

14,000,603 THANOS vs Doctor Strange: Multiverse Madness

Thanos is inevitable. Doctor Strange in a Multiverse with 14 Mil. Thanos is a very possible thing. What does it mean for the next time we see our own Doctor Strange? Doctor Strange Multiverse Thanos- The title is clearly suggestive…