Not Magneto Scarlet Witch To Fight Professor X In Doctor Strange 2

The latest Doctor Strange 2 leak says that Scarlet Witch will face a character from 20th Century Fox. Will it be our very own Professor Xavier?

Marvel Is Under A Serious Superhero Trouble

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WandaVision’s Scarlet Witch Is Set To Revive Dead MCU Superheroes

The new Disney+ show ‘WandaVision’ is making fans hope that a truly beloved MCU character will come back from the dead. The ‘WandaVision’ storyline is giving hints that Wanda might be putting in all of her effort to make this…

Brie Larson Is Burning With Jealousy Towards WandaVision

‘WandaVision’ has already made it big on the small screens and people are all for it. After the massive success of the series, fans have made clear that Wanda Maximoff is, in fact, the strongest Avenger. Captain Marvel, however, does…

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