Amazon Had Only One Prime Member During Covid-19 — Jeff Bezos

As pending deliveries clog supply chains, the world’s biggest online retailer plays for time by imposing restrictions on non-essentials. The big question: Who decides what’s essential and what isn’t?x

Coronavirus Lockdown: 700000+ New Jobs Emerged In Mr. Trump’s America

Experts have suggested that the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic will result in millions of jobs vanishing into thin air. But right now, it seems to be creating new opportunities too. Highlights! 700,000 plus new jobs in the times of the coronavirus-forced…

Heavy Reliance On Private Labels Hurting Profitability For Flipkart’s Myntra

Flipkart recently announced the formal closure of the Jabong fashion portal, thereby making Myntra its sole focus – but the trouble lies in the company’s business model for the Indian apparel industry.

Walmart Fires Half Of Its Top Executives In India

Walmart Inc said on Monday it has laid off 56 associates across levels at the India corporate office while looking for ways to operate efficiently in an underserved market.

19000 Cr+ Diwali Sales for American E-Commerce Co’s against the Deadly Low for Indian Retailers…Disaster?

Offline retail is suffering amid a country-wide cash crunch, while credit-driven e-commerce giants Amazon and Flipkart soar in 2019 Diwali buying.

Walmart pilots blockchain traceability project for seafood from India

Walmart Inc is piloting blockchain technology for end-to-end traceability of seafood sourced from Andhra Pradesh and shipped to select Sam’s Club locations in the United States.

These 5 families own more wealth than 76 poorest countries combined

The wealth these families own over the generations will make you forget the extravagant lifestyle of Bruce Wayne and Tony stark

Why Walmart says India’s new e-commerce rules are regressive?

Walmart told the U.S. government privately in January that India’s new investment rules for e-commerce were regressive and had the potential to hurt trade ties, a company document seen by Reuters showed.

PhonePe: The unlikely golden goose for Walmart

PhonePe is soon going to be a different entity as Walmart looks for investors to raise funds worth $1 billion.

Flipkart’s PhonePe emerges as the biggest value creator for Walmart

Walmart’s stake in PhonePe alone could be worth more than $14 billion in the medium term.

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