Stay Anonymous And Still Surf The Internet

While the internet makes our lives easier, such as easy and fast shopping, working, connecting, studying, and playing our favourite games, among others, the increase in mass surveillance is making more and more people ditch the internet. Activities such as…

The Future of Password Protection

A password is a pre-defined series of words, numbers or symbols that gives us access to any software, platform, or device. However, with technology becoming more complex and the increasing cyber risks, a password is now just one part of…

Ghostery Midnight desktop app with VPN launched

Ghostery has rolled out a desktop app with added privacy features including ad-blocker, tracker-blocker, and VPN. Called Ghostery Midnight, the app costs USD 14 per month and works across a variety of apps and browsers, The Verge notes. Users can choose to block ads and trackers on multiple browsers at once.

Don’t fall for the b*oby traps by using a public Wi-Fi

“Internet can never be a safe place” – this is what every cybersecurity expert has told us, but it can be a safer place with proper precautions from the users.