Why Apple and Alibaba Are Giving Auto Giants Cold Feet

Amid the anticipation for the Apple car poised to be launched soon, the Chinese e-commerce giant, Alibaba steals the show with its electric sedan, IM. These next-generation self-driven electric cars could shake up the auto industry not only in Asia but the whole world?

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Volkswagen has built a new type of robot that can charge your electric vehicle while also locating it in a garage.

SC Notice gives respite to Volkswagen

‘No coercive action’ with respect to the ₹500-cr fine, says Supreme Court

Ford, Volkswagen team up to build next generation electric vehicles

Volkswagen, Ford team up to build vans and pickups Volkswagen AG and Ford Motor Co on Tuesday set an alliance that combines forces on commercial vans and pickups and said they were exploring expanding into joint development of electric and…