Will There Be A Nuclear War? Putin’s Sinister Intentions Are Not Normal

As the world witnesses dramatic escalations between Russia and Ukraine, here the answer to your question- Will there be a nuclear war? The autocratic leader of Russia, Vladimir Putin put his country’s nuclear forces on high alert on Feb 28.…

What Makes Putin So Powerful? The Recipe Of A Troublesome Authoritarian

The world is done with Russian president. But what makes Vladimir Putin so powerful? It was the end of 20th century. World’s biggest nation was scuffling with demonic amount of challenges- the aftermath of Soviet Union disintegration, rising anti-West sentiments,…

What If Putin Wins The War Against Ukraine? The World Wouldn’t Be Same

Putin’s military invasion of Ukraine shows no signs of stopping. What will happen if Russia wins the war? The answer is an upside-down geopolitical state. Russian hegemony left the world disturbed after it invaded the sovereign land of Ukraine on…

What Does Russia-Ukraine War Have To Do With Crypto? Time For Reality Check

The Russia-Ukraine crisis might be a perfect reflection of what the world can do with cryptocurrency and where is it heading… It is a fact that wars have a devastating effect on the stock market. Whether it was World War…

Why Stock Market Has Taken A Massive Hit Due To Russia-Ukraine War

Billions wiped off, inflation taking a massive shape and rollercoaster of currencies worldwide- Russia-Ukraine war has left the stock market deadlocked. If you are an investor and have locked your hard-earned money in the stock market, the Russia-Ukraine war must…

Russia’s Strong Retaliation To U.S. Is The Beginning Of New World Order

Kremlin is out and about- U.S. sanctions and its currency mean nothing for the nation. Highlights- Russia’s Finance Ministry to de-dollarize its Sovereign Wealth Fund The move is an economic retaliation and back up against the U.S.-imposed sanctions. Euros, Yuans,…

Biden Is Willing To Meet Halfway. Will Putin Reciprocate?

The US President, Joe Biden has been vocal about his aversion toward Kremlin but it’s starting to downgrade the relations with other US allies. Could a Biden-Putin Summit resolve the differences?

World’s Top 10 Richest Politicians In 2021 With Unimaginable Wealth

Ever wondered just how much the world’s top leaders are worth? These politicians are worth billions and some of the richest persons on Earth. Here’s a list of the World’s Top 10 Richest Politicians in 2021.

Russia’s TikTok Generation Is Giving Putin Revolution Nightmares

TikTok, the video streaming social media giant popular for its catchy trends, has also become the new language of dissent and protest across the world. Right now, Putin is bearing the brunt of the power of TikTok and its potential as a political tool.

Caution Rules The Early Biden-Putin Exchange

Biden calls Putin, talks on various bilateral issues. Biden does not hold back, given the personal distaste for the Russian President, to address the recent suspected Russian cyberattack on US soil.