COVID-19: Now Gripping Dinosaurs, Pokemons and Magical Creatures

In a recent addition to the measures taken to tackle COVID-19, the UK Police has put a lockdown on playing Pokemon GO outdoors. And as a result, Pokemon Go is now a ‘play from home’ game.

FIFA Ultimate Team — Is EA Turning Kids Into Potential Gambling Addicts?

Undoubtedly regarded as one of the video gaming giants, things haven’t been looking good for the EA team lately after two lawsuits were filed in France against its FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) game mode for promoting ‘unethical gambling’.

Why just play a game when you can be in it?

How ‘FOMO’ inspired this millennial founder, Steve Zhao to build a $71 million-dollar virtual reality game

Social Media vs Video Games: What causes depression?

A new study finds certain kinds of screen time increases the risk of depression in teens. The study looked at over 4,000 teens and