Tom Hardy’s Venom 2 Kick Starts Sony’s Marvel Multiverse Without Tom Holland

Tom Hardy returns to the Sony Marvel shared universe with Woody Harrelson as Carnage, with the movie teasing the long-awaited Venom vs Carnage fight. Venom: Let There Be Carnage – Exclusive Trailer Breakdown with Director Andy Serkis Tom Hardy is…

Sony To Surrender Spiderman And Venom To Marvel

Good news for MCU fans and bad news for Sony – Marvel has an evil plan to take Spiderman, Venom, and other Spiderman spin-off characters from Sony. You read it right, rights to Spiderman, Venom, and all the Spiderman spin-off…

Tom Hardy’s ‘Secret James Bond Deal’ To Replace Daniel Craig Starts In 2021

Amid many credible names in the race to be the next James Bond, Tom Hardy allegedly has made it to the final spot

Tom Holland Won’t Appreciate Tom Hardy’s Venomous Plan For Spider-Man

Fans have spotted many Spider-Man Easter eggs in Sony’s Venom but the most substantial proof of a Spider-Man Vs Venom sequence comes from Tom Hardy

Madame Web: Sony’s All-Female Power Move

Sony is secretly developing a Madame Web movie renowned director SJ Clarkson is directing while actor Charlize Theron is being eyed for the role

Venom Replaces Batman: Robert Pattinson’s July Release Hacked by Tom Hardy

Venom: There Will be Carnage With its new release date, Sony’s Venom grab the July release spot of DCEU’s Batman A day after Warner Bros Studios announced new release dates for its DCEU Umbrella. Sony Studios announced a delayed Venom…

Actor turned director Andy Serkis to direct ‘Venom 2’

‘Venom 2’ is set to have Andy Serkis on board as the director. The sequel to Sony Pictures’ 2018 Marvel movie grossed $856

Venom 2 borrows star power from Avengers and Transformers

Sony is now looking to get the “Venom” sequel and the movie will have a set of new directors on board as film’s previous director