‘People Who Inspire India’ Education Iconic Awards 2021 Winners Announced — The Full List

20 Catalysts of Change — from Educationists and Edupreneurs to Philanthropists — they are vital pillars of India’s education revolution. The PWI Education Icons 2021 are carrying Hon’ble PM Narendra Modi’s vision – of making India the Vishwa Guru – on their shoulders.

Vamsi Krishna Wins ‘People Who Inspire India’ — Education Iconic Award 2021

Edupreneur, Teacher, and Passionate Revisionist – Vamsi Krishna is bringing about a pedagogical revolution with Vedantu.

Mumbai based Circle Gaming is now NVIDIA Certified

India’s leading gaming company receives NVIDIA Certification CIRCLE gaming, India’s leading home-grown gaming peripherals manufacturer and cafe operator, has received an NVIDIA certification. The Mumbai headquartered business has seen impressive growth since its inception in 2008. Sanjeev Kumar, the company’s…

Live tutoring start-up Vedantu raised $5M funding from China’s TAL Education Group

With more financial resources, Vedantu will redefine the learning experience for students Bangalore Based Vedantu, a live online tutoring firm, raised a funding of $5 million from Beijing based education and technology enterprise, TAL Education Group on 3rd April. TAL has…