COVID-19 Pandemic Is Not Ending Anytime Soon — Its Getting Worse

It’s probably the time to change the way we look at COVID-19 outbreak. Ever since the COVID-19 outbreak took hold of the world, people across the globe are eagerly waiting for life to restore to normal. However, with every passing…

COVID-19 Outbreak Isn’t Biden’s Biggest Challenge. Anti-Vax Theories Are

And the worst part is, Americans believe them. How harmful the unchecked misinformation on the social media platforms can be? The U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy on Thursday classified misinformation as a “public health hazard” in a historic statement. Since…

Biden And Zuckerberg Openly Squabble On Vaccination Fall Out

America’s two most powerful men blaming each other, scapegoating the unmeet targets and misinformation on COVID. The media magnet of Silicon Valley is yet again in headlines. President Biden on Friday slammed the social media behemoth Facebook and its Founder…

Can The U.S. Fight Against The New COVID-19 Cases Emerging In Country

The massive vaccination drive in the U.S. had just started infusing hope in the hearts of Americans. However, new COVID-19 challenges have started reemerging in parts of the country. In Massachusetts, 4000 new COVID-19 cases have been reported according to…

Third Covid-19 Wave Imminent: How To Shield Your Family

According to the experts, the third wave of COVID is inevitable, but now it is upto us how disciplined we are in following the safety guidelines.

Cowin Alerts’, the Cowin slot update bot developed by IIIT Delhi students amasses 18500 users

Two students from IIIT-Delhi – Paras Mehan (CSE 3rd year) and Rohan Rajpal (CSE 4th year) – have recently developed a Telegram bot that sends a notification to people regarding the available vaccine slots on the CoWIN portal. The bot…

Americans Ditch The Mask With 4 Out Of 10 Fully Vaccinated

4 factors collectively answer why the US has emerged victorious in its vaccination program against the deadly coronavirus.

Vaccine Patents Divide A World In Dire Need Of Solidarity

The affluent countries, which account for less than 20 percent of the global population has 60 percent of the confirmed vaccine orders globally – well over 4.6 billion doses!

First Adults Now Children: India’s Third Covid-19 Wave Should Worry The World

Amid people’s reproval of Modi’s handling of the Covid-19 crisis in the country, Govt’s Top Scientific Advisor warns India should brace for impact as the Third Wave is “Inevitable”.

India’s Vaccine Shortage Isn’t Just Simple Math Gone Wrong

The “pharma of the world” – India faces vaccine shortages as Covid-19 cases peak at 400,00 in a day. Opp slams Centre for lack of preparedness and washing its hands off accountability.