Team USA and Team Iran If We Go to War

Team USA and Team Iran If They Go to War

WoodRocket Area 51 parody is a meme-dream come true

Last Friday saw a fitting end to the Area 51 meme that dragged on for way too long. But if a new Foo Fighters Live album is not enough to please your chomps, you got another thing coming.

Storm Area 51, Alienstock are real: Unknown to be explored?

This is not a joke anymore, the desolate county of Lincoln is soon going to be overrun by mass hysteria. The potential of over 3.5 Million people storming Area 51 is inevitable, perhaps more so than Thanos. Area 51 is…

Joint military training exercise being conducted between India & USA

A joint military training, Exercise Yudh Abhyas- 2019 is being conducted in Washington. The training is organised at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. As part of ongoing Indo-US defence cooperation, it is being conducted from September 5 to 18.