Google Plans To Invest $7 Billion In Office Space And Data Centres In 2021

US and India are prime markets for Google and it has a massive expansion and corporate real estate and business investment plan for both the countries, totalling at $17 billion.

Biden’s Stimulus: What Benefits The Average Joe And What Pretends To

The newly elected president, Joe Biden, plans to jump-start the economy with a huge stimulus plan that intends to cater to the Average American.

The US Records 20% Unemployment Rate But It Could Be Much Higher

US Unemployment Rate Spikes to 20 per cent; Double up 2008’s Great Recession The economic impact of coronavirus took a steep turn on Thursday. More than 4 million Americans have applied for unemployment benefits. It brings the total of past…

Whose Fault Is The Crisis — Crazy Nancy Pelosi or Cryin’ Chuck Schumer?

Trump wants to play games with China about the economical crisis followed by Coronavirus! And the world will pay for it…