5 Burning Issues That Can Break America

With Trump adopting “Keep America Great” as his campaign slogan for his 2020 presidential run, here are five non-campaign issues Americans will vote for in November…

The US Records 20% Unemployment Rate But It Could Be Much Higher

US Unemployment Rate Spikes to 20 per cent; Double up 2008’s Great Recession The economic impact of coronavirus took a steep turn on Thursday. More than 4 million Americans have applied for unemployment benefits. It brings the total of past…

Whose Fault Is The Crisis — Crazy Nancy Pelosi or Cryin’ Chuck Schumer?

Trump wants to play games with China about the economical crisis followed by Coronavirus! And the world will pay for it…

Time To Go Back To The Post Depression Era For The US? Maybe.

A whopping 17 million people have filed for US unemployment benefits in the last three weeks. The shutdown due to the coronavirus outbreak has put the state labor department in a bind while creating a massive depression in the economy of the country.

Coronavirus Has Finally Shattered The Illusion Of Make America Great Again

The US economy is disrupting with peeking unemployment and economic fallout amid COVID-19 lockdown while some companies are hiring too