In An Improved Debate Performance, Trump Fails To Find A Game-Changing Moment

In the last debate of this campaign cycle, President Trump improved somewhat from his combative and disruptive performance in the first debate, but at this late stage trailing so substantially in the polls, he really needed a game changing moment or a gaffe from his opponent in order to have any realistic chance of reversing his fortunes.

The Reason Biden And Trump Stayed Civil During The Final Presidential Debate

More than Donald Trump and Joe Biden, moderator and NBC White House correspondent Kristen Welker, the first black women to moderate a presidential debate since Carole Simpson in 1992, was the show stealer in the last and the final presidential election debate.

Finally A Trump-Biden Exchange Worthy Of Being Called A Presidential Debate

As Trump accused Biden and his family of engaging in unethical business practices in China and Ukraine, Biden attacked Trump for mishandling COVID-19 pandemic and racial issues

Melania Trump Or Jill Biden — Who Should America Choose As Its Next First Lady

How do the wives of the incumbent and potential Presidents measure up? Here’s a brief look at the women behind the successful men — Jill Biden and Melania Trump.

What You Should Know About Biden’s Plan For America’s Middle Class

With his “Build Back Better” initiative, Biden promises to take care of the middle-class Americans’ well-being — so the country in its entirety can prosper.

The China Question: Why It Matters More Than ‘Trump vs Biden’

An acrimonious Presidential campaign in the US is entering its last leg. But irrespective of whether President Donald Trump of former Vice President Joe Biden wins the election, the question of what to do with China will entail making difficult choices.

When Trump Claims The Election Will Be Rigged, He Points At Republicans

The US Elections 2020 will go down in history as one with controversy at every step. The latest in line stems from unauthorized ballot boxes placed by California Republican.

How Facebook And Twitter Legitimized Trump’s Absurd Conspiracy Theory

In avoiding a misleading New York Post story, Facebook and Twitter promote falsities about Biden. In a bid to address growing criticism over the role of social media in spreading misinformation, Facebook and Twitter on Wednesday prevented users from sharing…

How History Will Be Made In The US Election 2020

If President Trump were to lose by the current margins in the polls, it would be the greatest popular vote defeat suffered by an incumbent since 1932.

You’ll Never Forgive President Donald Trump For These 7 Things

As the countdown to 3 November begins, here are 7 things about Donald Trump you need to remember – or know if you didn’t know them.