Joe Biden: The Democratic Disappointment During First Presidential Debate

If not worse, Joe Biden was not any better than Donald Trump in the presidential debate. It’s high time former Vice President needs to pull up his socks and step out of his comfort zone. The first debate of the…

Trump-Biden Debate Highlights: Moments When The Below Par Debate Turned Into A Debacle

Among the highlights of the 90-minute long US Presidential debate 2020 between Donald Trump and Joe Biden were matters like coronavirus handling, systemic racism, unemployment, Trump’s taxes, and how his nomination of Amy Coney Barrett could reshape Supreme Court.

5 Takeaways From The Worst Debate In Presidential History

Trump bulldozes his way through the debate with attacks and falsehoods. Biden proves his stamina and discipline are acceptable.

What To Look Out For In The First US Presidential Debate Of 2020

What to look for in the first US Presidential Debate 2020: the multitude of issues, scandals and unfolding news events, Biden’s potential for a gaffe, fact-check Trump in real time and personal attacks.

US Presidential Election 2020 Scorecard — Biden Favorite. Trump Desperate.

With less than two months until the US Presidential Election 2020, our analyses reveal that President Trump is increasingly desperate to talk about the economy and law and order, but is struggling to change the focus from Covid-19 and his own scandals. Joe Biden remains the favorite to win.

US Presidential Debates 2020: How Dirty Can Trump And Biden Go

The debates are the last feature on the political calendar, and a final opportunity for Donald Trump and Joe Biden to make their case to the American people ahead of the election. Here’s what Donald Trump and Joe Biden need to do to win.