President Donald Trump Is Absconding

The election season has seen the gradual subduing of the ‘Trump Streak’. The President’s body language is revealing more than it should.

In An Improved Debate Performance, Trump Fails To Find A Game-Changing Moment

In the last debate of this campaign cycle, President Trump improved somewhat from his combative and disruptive performance in the first debate, but at this late stage trailing so substantially in the polls, he really needed a game changing moment or a gaffe from his opponent in order to have any realistic chance of reversing his fortunes.

The Reason Biden And Trump Stayed Civil During The Final Presidential Debate

More than Donald Trump and Joe Biden, moderator and NBC White House correspondent Kristen Welker, the first black women to moderate a presidential debate since Carole Simpson in 1992, was the show stealer in the last and the final presidential election debate.

Finally A Trump-Biden Exchange Worthy Of Being Called A Presidential Debate

As Trump accused Biden and his family of engaging in unethical business practices in China and Ukraine, Biden attacked Trump for mishandling COVID-19 pandemic and racial issues

No Debate No Chaos — President Trump Refuses To Waste Time On A Virtual Debate

Can Donald Trump refuse to attend the virtual debates, given the fact that his virus fallacy backfired on him and he pretty much has nothing else to save him this election? There is no limit to the madness prevailing in…

Outcome Of The 2020 Vice Presidential Debate: How Harris And Pence Fared On Major Issues

Donald Trump and coronavirus took centerstage in the fierce debate between Democratic running mate Kamala Harris and the US Republican vice-president Mike Pence at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City on Wednesday.

US Vice Presidential Debate 2020: In Harris’ Ring Of Fire, The Charming Pence Faces His Ultimate Test

The Vice Presidential Debate 2020, between incumbent Mike Pence and challenger Kamala Harris, is touted as the most significant in American electoral history.

Trump’s Make America Great Again — The Worst Presidential Promise In American History

With Donald Trump came the vision with the slogan ‘make America great again’ where he neither explained ‘great’ nor ‘again’ to the citizens

The Near-Ironic Hypocrisy Of Trump Calling Out Hunter Biden For Nepotism

President Trump used the first debate to lash out at Hunter Biden for alleged China links, even as his own daughter Ivanka has been known to have secured more than 34 trademarks from China between 2018-19.

Trump Or Biden, Skewed Balance Against Black America Worsens

Trump is neither the only nor the worst that African-Americans are up against in the US. He is just one of the heftier cards in a deck heavily loaded against the people of color.