Robert Kennedy’s assassin named after 50 years of his death

Robert F Kennedy’s son has named the true man behind his father’s assassination, 50 years ago. Kennedy was a former US Attorney General and Politician who was assassinated in June 1968. Robert Kennedy was assassinated by Palestinian Sirhan in 1968…

US’ top-secret see-it-all AI Brain Satellite

The US is working on a highly confidential AI spy satellite system like an all-seeing brain in the sky- sounds like the Ultron, right?

Trump carries on the flaming torch of Americanism

US President Donald Trump has increased the standard of products defined as Made in America by making them more American.

Stop scrutiny for the sake of regulating: Sundar Pichai

Google CEO reacts to US antitrust probes stating scrutinizing large companies need to be balanced with supporting it.

China warns citizens from travelling to ‘Gun violence’ ridden US

Chinese government announced a security warning for their citizens travelling to US citing recent shootings. In the wake of the recent increase in crimes and harassment of Chinese people in the US, Beijing warned its citizens against travelling to the…

Man sets himself on fire near White House Ellipse

A man engulfed in flames near an area known as President’s Park South the U.S. Secret Service says A man set himself ablaze outside the White House, Secret Service of the US confirmed. The incident reportedly occurred after 12:00 pm…

Trump’s merit-based immigration lure for professionals

US President Trump is ready to move to a new system that overhauls the US immigration policy to give preference to foreigners based on merit.

Trump vetoed after rejection of border wall emergency

US President Trump issues first veto over rejection of border wall emergency US President Donald Trump on Friday issued his first veto rejecting as “dangerous” and “reckless” congressional resolution of his emergency declaration and asserted that Americans would be “put…

Trump’s national emergency – A mystery worth DKODING!

Donald Trump may use his powers under the Emergency Act to secure the money he needs to construct the Mexico border wall. But this strategy may cost more and deliver little. HIGHLIGHTS: Even as he backs down on his plan…

Kamala Harris for the People | Mixed Legacy, Promising Future

“Born of Indo-African descent, Democrat Presidential nominee Kamala Harris has built her career as a tough litigator – fiercely independent, unsparing of crime and a defender of the weak and helpless. She is the President that America needs in 2020.”…