Growing List Of Suitors But India Wary Of A Chinese Checkmate

Industrial lobbies are already working to convince the Indian government to start coaxing companies willing to move out of China.

Tariff war aside, US wants deeper bilateral ties with India

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s visit to India is to deepen and broaden the bilateral relationship and also focussing on some key issues in trade ties. Pompeo will meet PM Modi and his new Indian counterpart External Minister S…

Planning to work in the US? Time to look at other options

President Trump’s new threat of imposing caps on H-1B visas given to Indians is closer to reality than you might otherwise think.

India sheds shyness in Trade War against US

India has raised tariffs on 28 items exported from the US with effect from 16th June 2019.

India says GSP withdrawal won’t affect trade relation with US

India downplays impact of GSP withdrawal on trade relations with US India on Saturday downplayed the possibility of any negative impact on trade relations with the United States, a day after US President Donald Trump said Washington will end its…

Election Festival over! Back to Business now for India Inc.

Election season saw an ideological debate – but economic growth is a thing of consensus – its time for India to shift focus back to progress and development.

Balancing foreign policy: First big challenge for new govt. post-elections

As per US experts, the new government that will come to power in 2019 will have an instant challenge of structuring crucial economic foreign policies.

US raises stakes in 5G War; banishes Huawei and ZTE

Donald Trump upped the ante in tussle against China for dominance of 5G technology networks.

Trump’s merit-based immigration lure for professionals

US President Trump is ready to move to a new system that overhauls the US immigration policy to give preference to foreigners based on merit.

Free Trade with US: India’s opportunity to end China’s dominance

India is a viable alternative for businesses trying to escape the US-China trade war – but needs to resolve its own issues with the US.

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