Should Modi Worry About Trump’s Unpredictable Twitter Diplomacy?

Although a number of theories are doing rounds explaining the development, there is no reason to believe that Donald Trump’s unpredictable ‘Twitter diplomacy’ can really impact the basic foundations of US-India relations that suit the needs of the time.

Bernie Sanders As POTUS Will Benefit Indians But Not India

Bernie Sanders seems to be a beacon of hope for the average Indian with his socialist approach, but it might turn the tables for India if he was voted as POTUS to the White House.

India sheds shyness in Trade War against US

India has raised tariffs on 28 items exported from the US with effect from 16th June 2019.

Re-elected Modi plans to woo China and US

PM Modi will host Chinese leader Xi Jinping for an informal summit later this year. | Modi will also push for first bilateral talks with US President in over two years.