Bill Gates-Backed Program Halted By FDA Was Exposing Bogus Testing Numbers In The US

The coronavirus testing program active in Seattle and backed by Bill Gates was bridging the gap in testing numbers needed to reopen state economies.

Understanding India’s E-Cigarettes Ban: Health Consciousness or Tobacco Hypocrisy?

India’s e-cigarettes ban is facing backlash from the pro-vaping groups who are calling it as mindless, arbitrary and excessive, but there’s more than one factor behind the decision.

US FDA issues warning letter for Lupin’s facility at Madhya Pradesh

The US Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) has issued a warning letter to pharma major Lupin Ltd for its facility at Mandideep in Madhya Pradesh.

Ben and Jerry’s to sell CBD infused ice cream when it becomes legal

Ben and Jerry’s has announced its plan to release a CBD infused ice cream as soon as the product becomes legalized in the US.

The Dark Side of India’s Booming Pharma Industry

Recent warnings and crackdowns from US FDA and its Indian counterpart CDSCO have again brought the grave danger that adulterated and substandard products that pharma manufacturers are putting out in a largely unaware and uneducated market. HEAD SHOT USFDA recently reproached…

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