US Election 2020: How Donald Trump Can Still Win

More that Trump’s legal battle in Supreme Court, it’s something else that has been successful in the past that could decide America’s fate in 2020.

US Presidential Election 2020 Scorecard — Biden Favorite. Trump Desperate.

With less than two months until the US Presidential Election 2020, our analyses reveal that President Trump is increasingly desperate to talk about the economy and law and order, but is struggling to change the focus from Covid-19 and his own scandals. Joe Biden remains the favorite to win.

Does Biden Have ‘What It Takes To Untrump Trump’ In The Aftermath Of Global Pandemic…

Could Joe Biden be a better President than Donald Trump amid COVID-19 crisis? Experts seem to have their doubts…

For The Democrat Agenda Of Trump Free America, Sleepy Joe Needs To Wake Up First

Why Donald Trump Actually Might Not Need Help Defeating Sleepy Joe? Endorsements for Joe Biden’s presidential campaign has poured in from all sides — Former President Barack Obama, co-contenders like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. But will uncle Joe make…

With Michelle Obama Ruled Out — Odds For Top 3 To Be Joe Biden’s Vice President Surge

If we have to go with the expert opinion and analysis — leaving aside rumours then has to be one of these top 3 remarkable politicians — Kamala Harris, Stacey Abrams and Amy Klobuchar — on merit they stand the best chance to be Joe Biden’s pick for Vice President.

What Would Barack Obama’s Endorsement Bring To The Table For Joe Biden?

In a video released on Tuesday, former president Barack Obama endorsed former vice president Joe Biden for the upcoming presidential 2020 US elections.

An election that Facebook India just cannot afford to lose

Facebook has set up a new organizational structure in India, which will delink it from the Asia-Pacific region. The heads of Facebook India’s divisions will directly report to the global leadership. This is a requirement under toughened India laws for…