12 Million+ Americans Are Out Of Work And The Problem Runs Much Deeper

U.S. Economy Added Record Low Jobs In Nov and there seems to be none solution so far under Biden Administration. Highlight-. Only 210,000 jobs injected in the U.S. market in the month of November, far cry from predicted half a…

Richest Nation Or Just Highest GDP — The Other Side of China’s Ailing Economy

China’s GDP has surpassed that of U.S., becoming the country with highest net worth. But let’s not judge a book by its cover. Highlights — McKinsey report announces China as the richest nation in world with $120 trillion in GDP.…

How Americans Are Scared That U.S. Economy Might Never Recover Again

U.S. registered biggest ever drop in citizens’ confidence in the fight against COVID-19. Some believe, it will always be same. Highlights — Arkansas almost ran out ICU of beds on Monday due to surge in Delta variant cases. 100,000 average…

Have You Prepared Yourself For Child Tax Credit 2021?

Income is no bar. However, you might have to payback the money so chose wisely while opting-in. Starting July 15, millions of American parents are now receiving a monthly tax benefit for the dependent children. Under the Biden administration, the…

Millions Of Jobs In The U.S. Still Millions Unemployed. Why?

The short road to recovery is covered. It’s time for a bigger challenge- the transition. The U.S. is on a brisk recovery path out of the global pandemic. Thanks to trillion dollars in packages that President Biden has resolved to…

100 Days Of Biden: Does America Feel Different?

The economy, Covid-19, jobs, immigration, climate change and social justice were the immediate challenges at hand when Biden first entered the oval office.

Global Economy Is Back Online Powered By Biden, Covid-19 And Recession

The world is at the closure of pandemic but will the Global Economy bounce-back to the pre-pandemic levels, if ever? Experts argue that the recovery could be within spitting distance owing to the massive stimulus package by the Biden administration.

Historic Global Debt, Inflation And Rise Of A New Superpower — The World Is Changing

When the figures revealing worrisome accumulation of global debt were released earlier during February, the countries and financial institutions succumbed to shock. After the historical blow of coronavirus outbreak led pandemic, the global debt has reached record high of $281 trillion in 2021.

Donald Trump, Narendra Modi, And The Power Of Rhetoric

Donald Trump and Narendra Modi are kindred politicians. Here’s a compilation of the absurdities uttered by these powerful men in the wake of the COVID-19 catastrophe, along with the unveiled, un-warped truths.

898000 ‘Unemployment Benefits’ Claims By Americans — The Problem Runs Deeper

Unemployment rate has reduced since March but there is a new aspect of problem that deserves attention- prolonged unemployment.