World War III Hotspots: Top 5 Most Volatile Regions On Earth

With the world retracing its steps to the pre-covid era, subdued conflicts around the globe have re-surfaced with the rising terror of a potential World War III. The participation of Superpowers in proxy wars has created major hotspots around the world that are already on the brink of war requiring slight instigation to wage a war against each other.

Biden Must Not Ignore The Anonymous Paper On Xi’s China

The paper is important because while understanding the China challenge it has not ruled out cooperation in a few areas of traditional security and non-traditional security areas.

Will American Voters Buy Into Biden’s China Policy Amidst Pandemic Backlash?

US President Donald Trump has been on the attack against his rival former Vice President Joe Biden for quite some time. The newest in his line of attacks is the claim that Biden, if elected, would turn out to be compliant to China. Trump simplified the message for his followers, saying that Americans will end up speaking Chinese if Biden wins in November. He also went on to imply that China will own America if Biden is elected President. But campaign jibes apart, what might actually change for the US-China relations if Biden lands up in the White House?

Ill-Timed Aggression Against India: China Risks United Ire

Refusing to bow down to the coercive tactics of a bellicose China, India has decided to not back down from a standoff with China – along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh.

Should The World Thank China?

Contaminated drug shipments from China have forced lawmakers worldwide to give serious thought to the threat of weaponized medicine.

Donald Trump Will Have A Whole Lot Of Challenges If Kim Jong-Un Falls

The US is prepared to write the fate of North Korea after Kim Jong-Un alongside China, but there are challenges abound for Trump.

A Trump-led World Is Coming For China And Xi Jinping Has Nowhere To Hide

Germany billed only a 130-billion-pound invoice to China for Coronavirus damages, Trump is coming for a lot more.

Dangerous: Joe Biden’s Chinese Conflict Of Interest That Trump Will Exploit

Joe Biden’s beloved son Hunter Biden inevitably steals the limelight each time his statesman father garners it. But not in a good way.

First global warming, now global recession: Are we going down?

The world’s GDP has grown steadily. It went up by a total of 6.9% in 2018 – from $80.2 trillion in 2017 to $85.8 trillion in 2018…

Are American aircrafts carriers truly invincible?

Many defense experts believe that China has the ability to not only target US aircraft carriers but also neutralize them. Can they?